Powering Business By Empowering People

Taskmaverick is an Automated Management Platform, tirelessly tracking, training, and reminding about performance standards and cultural ideals.


Taskmaverick is especially suited for environments where staff is distracted by ongoing customer interaction, or constant physical movement.

Maintenance Services
Warehouses & Factories
Convenience Stores
Fuel Stations
Truck Stops
Delivery Services
Medical Spas & Facilities
Construction Crews
Security Services


Taskmaverick provides organizations with an easy-to-use automated software solution to: 

Streamline recurrent business processes.
Implement complex operating strategies.
Customize execution schedules.
Micro-train staff before every execution. 
Prompt staff to take initiatives on their own. 
Report on every action, person or team.


Taskmaverick improves staff performance by providing creative tools to:

Micro-train staff before every execution. 
Train and coach staff constantly with media lessons.
Customize training based on each person’s tenure. 
Confirm learning with a quiz after each lesson. 
Onboard new hires quickly to ensure continuity. 

Risk Management

Taskmaverick promotes effective risk management by acting consistently to:

Deter bad actions with automated coaching.
Repeat lessons on safety and cultural principles.
Maintain evidence to prevent frivolous lawsuits. 
Detect and resolve HR violations from: 
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Discrimination
Hour & Wage Claims 
Physical & Emotional Injury
HR & Safety Violations


Taskmaverick collects and stores performance and training data to: 

Satisfy industry and governmental regulators.
Demonstrate compliance with operating standards. 
Reduce insurance rates based on safety practices.
Confirm the frequency of each person’s training.
Provide proof to deter accusations of negligence.


This how Taskmaverick’s features and tools come together to enhance staff morale:

Gamification breaks the monotony of the day.
Short, successive missions provide accomplishment.
Promoting self-initiative increases cooperation.
Training regularly increases staff confidence.  
Detecting violations early improves the work environment. 
Basing reviews on data legitimizes management’s feedback.

Features & Tools

Taskmaverick offers many more features and tools.

Multi-Lingual Capability
Multi-Jurisdiction Applicability
On-Clock or Off-Clock Accessibility
Team or Live Person Tracking
Extensive Reporting On Every Aspect
Customizable Scheduling per Person or Team


Taskmaverick incorporates features and tools to:

Divide work-shifts into achievable, successive missions.
Provide staff with a sense of ongoing accomplishment.
Incorporate gamification to improve staff efficiency.
Enable mission ratings to maintain a focus on quality
Flag performance delays, or quality issues.
Create redundancies to guaranty timely performance. 
Adjust staff workload or training instantly. 
Base performance reviews on records and data.

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